TikTok Creator (Volunteer)

Do you want to help make a difference for people all over the world? To be a part of a societal change? Then Let’s Break the Shame might be the place for you. At our charity, we try to break the shame around mental health struggles with different projects aimed to enlighten, educate, and demystify mental health.


What: Volunteering

When: Start asap

Where: Remotely

How long: 6 months minimum

How much: 1-3 hours per week



  • You will have the responsibility of the Let’s Break the Shame’s TikTok – together with another volunteer
  • This would include creating videos and ensure growth on the platform


Let’s Break the Shame’s main expectation for you is that you are passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health. It is not a necessity that you have struggled with mental health problems yourself, or even that you know someone that has. Instead, it simply means that we believe the passion and motivation for doing this are important – whether it comes from a personal place or a place of general sympathy.


What you can expect from us

  • A warm welcome in a team consisting of a founder, 2 strategists, and 12 volunteers.
  • A lot of responsibility from the beginning.
  • A safe environment where we help each other and where asking questions is more than okay.
  • Possibility to be fully in charge of your own projects.
  • The possibility to join other projects to broaden your skills and knowledge.
  • The chance to work with a lot of amazing people who are passionate about mental health as well!


About Let’s Break the Shame

Let’s Break the Shame, also shortened LBTS, is a foundation that aims to break the stigma around mental health. We cover a lot of different activities – the first, and still biggest, is our Instagram campaign. In our Instagram campaign, people from all over the world share their stories with mental health to have helped the cause of breaking the stigma around mental health and has helped to show people that they are not alone with their struggles. Another one of our events, where speakers from LBTS talk about their own struggles and history with mental health, but another important aspect is to get the guests to talk to each other. LBTS is also present on other social media platforms, making YouTube videos, recording podcasts, and does workshops at schools and organizations. All of it contributes to our goal of breaking the mental health stigma!


Interested? Send your motivation to karoline@letsbreaktheshame.com