Hey my name is Carine and I’m a volunteer at LBTS.  I have never had any problems with mental health myself, but my best friend does have to deal with it every day.⁠ Mental health issues can take many forms and my friend has and had a few of them: low self-image, eating disorder and she’s traumatised. It has not been easy for her to get through life. She has two voices in her head for instance, where the pessimistic one usually rules the other. It’s hard to believe which voice you have to listen to.⁠

As a friend, these things impact you too. I was there for her when she needed a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or to give her a loving hug. Every day I get up and see how she’s doing if she is/looks fine. These little things helped her to get through the hardest times of her life. I tried to get her back on her feet, but it’s hard to believe someone else – they don’t know how you feel.⁠

This is exactly why I decided to stand up for mental heath issues, not only for my friend, but for our entire society. Many people need a place to talk about their stuggles and we can offer them that place. We create an open environment where we can speak up but don’t judge each other. I’m happy to be able to help others and LBTS inspires me to do so. To my friend, friends of friends and basically anyone who is in the middle of a tough situation: Hold on, it might not seem like it, but things will get better eventually. Talk about it with your friends, family or with the LBTS community. We are here for each other ❤️