Coaching Sessions

We are here to help before, during and after your recovery journey. Together with Sumbal and Jeffrey, we offer coaching sessions. As coaches, we focus on the present and future. We help you explore your past as a means of understanding current life experiences and belief systems. Our goal is to help you get from Point A to B. And each one of us has their own unique way to get you there . 

Sumbal, from a very young age, took pride in volunteering with her mother at their little girl's school. She grew up to be a sensitively responsible child, sensing the feelings and needs of others around her. This made her a great empath with a strong desire to help people. It almost occurs naturally to her to help and listen without any judgement. Sumbal uses a holistic healing method in order to reach our inner “child”.

Not too long ago, Jeffrey suddenly began to experience panic attacks for seemingly no reason. He could not understand what was happening and it took him a while to realize that this was the result of a burnout. Since then, Jeffrey has been training in the subject and has become an expert. He wants to help by sharing own experiences.

Online Coaching


1 hour online session (with or without video, up to you) where we work on reaching your goals.

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Session at my place


Coaching session at my place.

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Session To Go


In a cafe, or your place

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Our Sessions

Sumbal uses a holistic healing method in order to reach our inner “child”, and Jeffrey is a specialist on burnout with great knowledge on its effects and a strong understanding of the subject.