Coaching Sessions

We help people struggling with mental health issues finding a balance in life again. LBTS coaches have faced certain mental illnesses and relate to certain emotions, feelings, and frustrations. What’s better than getting help from someone who’s been through the same?

Why and How?

The founder, Mae, got diagnosed with depression when she was around 13 years old. Back then, her therapist didn’t talk about it with her. As she got older, she realized that was wrong. Fast forward to where she is now; still struggling with depression, anxiety, eating & what not. She knows what it feels like to have a battle going on in your head that not a lot of people understand.

During her therapy tracks, Mae has encountered the lack of a “real” connection. Psychologists have been of great value to her, but sometimes she misses the fact that she is talking to a professional who has encountered the same struggles. Additionally, she feels like there is not enough focus on working on the steps after recovery.

That’s why, together with Sumbal, I am offering coaching sessions. As coaches, we focus on the present and future. We help you explore your past as a means of understanding current life experiences and belief systems. Our goal is to help you get from Point A to B. We both have a person-centered approach, focused on unlearning patterns that no longer help us grow. Sumbal uses a holistic healing method, whereas Mae uses the following method:

Current Patterns

Together we’re going to talk about what your current life looks like. We do this by means of performing different exercises, to make it less confronting and to let you see things from a different perspective.

Desired Patterns

What is your dream life? If anything would be possible, what would your life look like? We’re going to have a look at why you want certain things.


Most likely there’s going to be a gap between your current lifestyle and the one you want. Or the things you want to improve on. We’re going to find a way for you to bridge the gap.

Online Coaching


1 hour online session (with or without video, up to you) where we work on reaching your goals.

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Session at my place


Coaching session at my place.

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Session To Go


In a cafe, or your place

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