$30Billion is lost

To depressed
employees yearly.

60% of Employees

Doesn't work
at peak performance.

15.2Mil. Sick Days

Per year due
to mental illnesses.


Investment returns €4 in productivity.

Bad mental health can affect the workplace and the performance in these ways:

  • Inadequate health and safety policies;
  • Poor communication and management practices;
  • Limited participation or low control over one’s area of work;
  • Low levels of support for employees;
  • Inflexible working hours; and
  • Unclear tasks or organizational objectives.

What We Offer

Our offers can be bundled into a personalised package, entirely based on your wishes. Together with you, we’ll have a look at the needs of your employees.

Mental Health Guide

Provides a “general” understanding of mental health and its importance, impacts and signs. We’re mainly focusing on providing information and giving examples for you to use as an employer and for your employees to use as well. It includes tips, basic information and video content on the most common mental health disorders and the founder’s real-life story. We also make mental health guides on personal request. 


We offer two types of workshop programs that can either be tailored to short-term or long-term perspective. The unmasked workshop digs deeper into mental health and focuses on the “mask” employees set up for themselves. The "extra layer" workshop goes beyond the mask and sheds importance on the different layers of human beings. The workshop goes more in depth on emotions, feelings, and work capabilities.

Training for HR & Managers

People struggling can sense within a second if the person in front of them truly gets what they are going through. It is okay if you don't, but it is important to know how to deal with these situations. We provide trainings for HR and managers to show them how they can respond to employees dealing with mental struggles and how they can make them feel heard and understood. 

Coaching Sessions

We offer your employees individual or duo coaching sessions to help those who struggle mentally and provide them with tools to reach their maximum potential in work and private life. Our goal is to help you get from Point A to B. And each one of us has their own unique way to get you there. We match your employee with ours.

How We Work


We'll have a casual chat so that we can get to know your company and its employees a bit better. During the intake we will discuss all possibilities, needs and wishes.


After our chat, we will work on a personalised offer and send it to you. We will give you some time to read through it and give feedback. If needed, we will send you a new offer.

Let's Get Started!

Once the offer is accepted, we'll get our team ready and prep everything based on your needs. Looking forward to start working with you and see you @ the office or online!

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