Making depression & anxiety a bit more bearable

Our congresses are all about “Depression & Anxiety” and take place throughout the Netherlands (future events will also include other topics). The aim of such a gathering is to provide support to people suffering from mental health issues, as well as informing relatives and friends on how to deal with these. We will start with some “icebreakers”, followed by the stories of 2 speakers related to their Depression & Anxiety experiences.  After these talks, there’s room for discussion & questions. The most important thing is that we’re providing you a non-judgmental area where you’re free to share anything and feel heard & understood. You’re not alone.


Speakers who have suffered from depression/anxiety will share their experiences with you. They will talk about when it started, how it showed, what kind of therapies they’ve tried and how they’re dealing with it today.


Is the maximum amount of people that are allowed to join every event. We do this to make sure it remains compact and so that everyone gets the chance to say something if they want to.

Bottling up feelings isn't ok

Hearing stories of other people and/or sharing a story yourself will make you realize you're not alone in your battle.

You're in a safe & calm place

Everyone has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to make sure the information shared stays between the attendants.

We're all in this together

We either suffer from depression, have suffered from it or a loved one is going through it. We carry the pain, together.

We don't judge anyone

Whatever you want to share, there's no shame. We accept everyone's thoughts and feelings. We're here for you.

Maartje Zaal


On the 29th of July, Ruben & Mae will speak at the Depression & Anxiety event in Amsterdam. They both have a different background & have gone through different events, but they have one thing in common: Depression (along with Anxiety and whatnot). By hearing these stories, we hope you’ll realise that you’re not alone!

Depression & Anxiety Episodes

We proudly present our first series of events, focused on Depression & Anxiety! We have divided them into 3 episodes. The first one is the type of event we organise separately as well and is focused on real-life stories from Press & Mae. Secondly, we invite professionals over as speakers to talk more about their methodology. In our last event, we want to talk about what to do during a relapse. 

There will be at least 1 month between each of the events. You can buy tickets for 1, 2 or 3 events, by clicking on “I want to go!” in the next section.


Ep. 1: Real-life stories

Press & Mae share their own experiences with Depression & Anxiety during this event. They will talk about their struggles, therapies, and how they're doing today. The aim is to make you feel heard, understood & less lonely.

Ep. 2: Professionals

Have you been wanting to try therapy or feel like the current one is not helping you (anymore)? We invite coaches and/or psychologists to this event to discuss the different types of therapies & methodologies.

Ep. 3: Dealing with a relapse

It's okay to relapse. You're not a failure and we want to help you either prevent one or help you get out of one by providing you tips, real-life examples & hands-on tools to take with you after the event.

Upcoming Events

Amsterdam (Noord). Real-Life Depression & Anxiety Stories.
€5.00 - including LBTS Goodie Bag
July 29th, 2021: 8 - 10 PM (doors open at 7.30).

Questions or want to be a volunteer at events?

Gaelle is in charge of the events and is here to answer any questions. If you want to sign up as a volunteer, she’ll add you to our team and provide you with a welcome package.