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Grief & Loss

Every loss is different, and so is the way people mourn. We all grief someone or something in a different way, despite the endless amount of manuals on how grief is supposed to ‘work’. Just like we all have a different fingerprint, we have a different way of dealing with loss.

Types of Grief & Loss

Most people relate Grief & Loss to someone else's passing, but you can also grief about a past you, your divorced parents, or a friend you don't see anymore. We're here to open up the conversation about grief & loss and to help you get through it.

2 Speakers

Two speakers who have experienced grief & loss in different ways will share their stories & what helped them heal. You can ask them anything you want & you're more than welcome to share something too (you don't have to).

The Online Event

Privacy is Key

We value privacy more than anything. That's why we ask everyone to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. This means that sharing content from the event will lead to fines.

Get Hands-On Tips

We're here to share tips and provide advice on how to deal with Grief & Loss. No one is the same, so tips from your side are always valued!

Get Comfortable

Turn your camera on or off, whatever makes you more comfortable! We use Zoom for our online events.

Receive a Magazine

Get an online magazine after the online event, along with our presentation, so you can always grab it when needed!


Grief & Loss
June 7, 7.30 PM

Grief & Loss
Aug 12, 7.30 PM

Grief & Loss
Nov 11, 7.30 PM