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Men's Health

We all know there is a stigma on mental health, but for men there’s an extra stigma on top of that stigma. Society convinced men they can’t show emotions or be sensitive. If they do, they’re perceived as “weak”. But, we’re all human, so why can’t they? We’re here to break that stigma. 

The importance

Mental Health still does not deserve the attention it needs in our society. Men, and those who do not identify as women, are more afraid to share stories and to open up about their mental health than others. But they can have a mental illness too. They deserve to talk about it as well, just like everyone else. They deserve help too. We're here to open up the mental health conversation between men, in a safe environment.

Men's Stories

2 men who have experienced (or are experiencing) mental health struggles will share their experiences with specific illnesses, the stigma, and their recovery journey. You can ask them anything you want & you're more than welcome to share something too (you don't have to). We're here to make you feel heard and understood. And to show you that it's ok for men to talk about their mental health too.

The Online Event

Privacy is Key

We value privacy more than anything. That's why we ask everyone to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. This means that sharing content from the event will lead to fines.

Get Hands-On Tips

We're here to share tips and provide advice on mental illnesses. No one is the same, so tips from your side are always valued!

Get Comfortable

Turn your camera on or off, whatever makes you more comfortable! We use Zoom for our online events.

Get the Presentation

Get our presentation after the online event, so you can always grab it when needed!


Men's Health
April 29, 7.30 PM
Men's Health
Aug 26, 7.30 PM