It’s been one and a half years since corona hit the world and all of us have been trying to do our best in order to cope. Due to corona you may have been going through life changing events that may have put you on the spot, and all you could do was to try to not fall apart. However, right now the world is opening up again. Governments are trying to do their best to get back on track by giving out vaccines. As a result of this, cafés, restaurants, museums and other places are getting more accessible for the public. You may be trying your best to keep your mask up, trying to live your best life because summer is here and everyone seems to be doing so well for the public eye, despite the circumstances.


You may be asking yourself, how do people do it? How am I supposed to get out, enjoy summer after having to keep myself together?  How do I get myself out there when all I want to do is to stay inside, curled up, not for anyone to see and make a judgement. How do people go out after spending one and a half years dealing with all the different restrictions we had to go through? How do we live as the functioning human beings people expect us to be, having days full of routines and staying productive. Although once half a day has passed you feel exhausted?


I understand that it may seem scary, I understand if you’re absolutely terrified for these next couple of months. I understand if the thought of going to a restaurant with your friends may give you a ton of anxiety due to peer pressure. The pressure of looks, the pressure of being surrounded by people, the pressure of trying to get your order right without stuttering when ordering a meal or a drink.



Firstly, one important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go out just because the sun is out. I want you to wake up in the morning and the first thing to think of is your own needs and wants. How are you feeling? In order for you to have a good day, what do you want to do? It’s easy to get carried away with today’s social media, but remember to prioritize your own well being and put your own health first. You’re the one living with yourself, it’s important to have days that makes you feel good.


It may feel overwhelming to hang out with friends and have a lot of people around you. Take yourself out on a date, go to the movies by yourself, go to the park with a good book. Take yourself out on an extra long walk, spend a whole evening playing your favourite game. Just try to breathe and spend time with yourself. The world may feel overwhelming at times but please remember that you’re not alone.


Secondly, there is no need to rush. Whatever you decide to do, everything will still be here for you whenever you feel okay again. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to heal. Humans always seek balance, although we often go for the “all or nothing” mindset. But between all or nothing, is just enough. You may feel pressure to shower but the thought of washing your hair makes you procrastinate, it’s okay to just wash your body. You washed one out of five plates? Good job! You brushed your teeth once today instead of twice? I’m proud of you! It may not feel like it, but everything counts. Everything counts because you are helping yourself little by little every day.


This third one can seem a little scary, but it’s an important one.
Always remember, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to ask if a friend wants to come over to just do nothing at all. It’s okay to ask a friend to come over, just to help you with something small. If you have the right friends, they will give you their support no matter what. Small or big things doesn’t matter. They will be there. It can feel scary to ask for help, but you’re never doing anything wrong by simply asking. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or helpless, it makes you strong and independent.


Finally, you don’t have to earn anything in order to get anything. You don’t have to walk the extra mile to enjoy a treat. You don’t need to have a productive day in order to allow yourself to slow down and relax. Summer is the time of the year that can be loaded with constant anxiety. The talk of “beach bodies”, people chatting about how they want to enjoy a dessert but they haven’t done anything extra that day to earn it yet. Please, do not fall into this trap. You have a body that is functioning, it carries you every day. You get a beach body by just simply going to the beach and letting yourself coexist with everything else around you. Sometimes we earn things by simply just existing. Everything that you want, let yourself go get it because you exist. Be kind to yourself. Be the friend you need, to yourself.


You’re not alone in this, it may feel like it because, as humans, we have a tendency to get carried away within our own minds. However, if you let yourself break out of the spiral. You will see that there are possibilities for support everywhere around you. Right now, we are all out here trying to do our best. We are all trying to find a way to coexist with each other after having to deal with restrictions. Social interactions may be awkward, the thought of going outside may cause anxiety. But we will all get through it in one way or another. No need to rush, better days will come sooner or later. As long as you let yourself be okay with that, healing takes time. Dare to think about your own well-being, dare to put your own needs first. Remember that it’s okay to not be okay. You’re not alone. You got this. I believe in you.

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