Hi there, 
Do you see how cute my dog called Paj is? This photo was taken when I was riding the burn-out rollercoaster. I was 2 months in and I remember
feeling totally confused. Paj was there to support me and give me some stress relief. I did not understand what was happening to me and I was in desperate need of someone that could explain to me why my body and mind were screaming for help. 

Before I got burned-out, I was a happy guy doing well at work. I got a new role and could contribute more. Everything was fine, but then everything changed. In 
my case, my body started trembling terribly and I experienced panic attacks. I thought I had a very bad disease and would surely die quickly. It wasn’t true, but little did I know at that time. My experiences taught me that understanding burn-out more helps a lot! That’s why I want to help other people by sharing my knowledge with them. 
I offer you:
  • More insight into what happens when your body and mind are burned-out;
  • Some practical tips on how you can drop your stress hormones and get out of the stress cycle as quickly as possible;
  • Tips and tricks from my own experiences;
  • More grip on the situation.

What I don’t offer you:
  • Coaching or psychotherapy.
  • Medical advice. I advise you to see a doctor first. 

From my own experiences, I remember feeling totally lost and afraid. If someone could have explained to me what was happening, I could have had
more faith in the process and my recovery would have been much quicker. Let me help you get more understanding of your situation. 
Talk to you soon!