Hi! My name is Joanna, I live in Amsterdam, and I love cats. I have got one myself; you can see her in the intro of our YouTube videos! Together with Mae, I record and edit videos for Let’s Break the Shame on YouTube. Even though I find it super scary to share my feelings and experiences in front of a camera, I still do it because it’s essential.

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since I was a little kid. I started taking antidepressants when I was 15 years old, and my life became a little bit better every year. Right now, I am doing really good. I want to share my experiences with mental health and what I’ve learned from those years of therapy with you. Hopefully, it will help not only me, but also others.

People who opened up to me about their mental health had so many questions for me, because they rarely talk to someone who went through the same. So I am really happy that I can answer some of those questions in our YouTube videos.