My name is Maartje, most people here call me Mae. I was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At the age of 5, I started playing field hockey and soon after I started playing tennis. Long story short, I’ve done both on a high level until I was 19 and realized that I hadn’t had fun in it for several years already. That’s also when I realized I had been living the way others wanted me to live.

I’ve been suffering from a depression since I turned 13. I hadn’t told anyone about it until late 2018. Up until then, my family barely knew what was going on. I was so ashamed. After becoming a victim of sexual violence, something in me wanted to scream.  I wanted to shout to the world what I had been going through all these years, and that’s why I set up “Let’s Break the Shame”. To break the damn stigma that made me silent for so many years.


  • BSc. Business Administration, with a specialization in Organisation & Change
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Mental Health Ambassador
  • Mental Health Struggles Experience (A LOT)
  • MSc. Organizational Change & Development (in progress)