Most schools do not focus enough on the mental health of their students.

We know it sounds tough and maybe a bit confronting, but it’s true. Everyone here at LBTS has gone to school and some of us are either in uni or obtained a bachelor’s/master’s degree already and have joined the workforce. Sadly, we all feel like there was absolutely no place at school to talk about mental health. And when we tried, teachers would often reply with things such as “we can’t help you, you need to pass all exams”. But it’s not about passing exams or group projects. It’s about our mental health, which affects not only school performance but also other skills that students are being taught. These skills are essential for one’s career, but also for one’s personal life.

Because mental health topics are rather tabooed to talk about, many people do not know what thoughts, patterns and behaviours, they have to look for to understand their mental health better, and we want to help change that. We want to help the students realise that they are not ‘abnormal’ for having problems with their mental health, and that opening up and getting help is the first step to getting better.

Increase Mental Health Awareness

As youngsters we are not fully aware of the impacts of certain thoughts/emotions. Mental Health is often underestimated, resulting in long-term disorders. By showing students the importance at an early stage, we can avoid this. 

Show the Benefits of Opening Up

Oef... One of the hardest things to do, but oh so important. Our motto is "It's okay not to be okay".  We want to show students why talking about their struggles helps them greatly in their recovery process.

Connect Students with Each Other

We get courage by knowing other people have the same struggle. By connecting these students, they can share feelings, thoughts and emotions that they can't share with friends/family. 

Recognition is key.

            Concise Overview

The Importance

We want to provide students a basic understanding of what mental health is, show symptomps of disorders & talk about the impacts of an unbalanced mental health.

Real-Life Stories

We share real life stories of what mental health issues have done/do to people at Let’s Break the Shame. We talk about Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & More.


We go over certain scenarios and let the students have a discussion about certain topics. Furthermore, they get the opportunity to ask questions (anonymously).

5-10 Students

We aim to create an intimate and safe environment for everyone in the group. The activities in small groups can be a one-time-thing, but can also be several sessions. We create a comfortable and safe environment where no one gets judged.


The activities to reach the goal includes group discussions, introducing journaling with prompts and sharing struggles as a group on different themes such as negative thoughts, bullying, body positivity, self-esteem, and processing difficult emotions.

Myths & Facts

The students will understand the stigma and discrimination on help-seeking behaviour, be aware of the myths and the realities of mental illness, consider attitudes about mental illness and exhibit a realistic and positive understanding of mental illness.

30 Students

The size of the group makes it possible for us to create a more intimate atmosphere and makes it easier to dive into more specific topics. It is mostly meant for 1 class of students.

Emotion Regulation

The goals of the workshops will be achieved through teaching the students about self-image and thoughts about self, emotion regulation and how to ask for help. With the extended workshop, we will also teach about health communication.

Share Feelings

Many people do not know what thoughts, patterns and behaviours they have to look for to understand their mental health better. We want to help the students realise that they are not ‘abnormal’ for having mental health struggles, and that opening up and getting help is the first step to getting better.

Guest Lecture

45/90 minutes
€50 Starting Price
  • Travel Expenses included
  • Preparation included
  • Tote Bag for students included

Activity in Big Groups

45/90 minutes
€75Starting Price
  • All Guest Lecture Benefits
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Magazine with information

Activity in Small Groups

60 minutes (1x, 3x, or 5x)
€85Starting Price
  • All Big Groups benefits
  • Regular check-ins students
  • Personal program students
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