Have you ever felt like you have tried enough and it is time to move on? Yet, you still can not let go or overlook? Maybe, that is because you have always believed “you will fail only when you stop trying”. However, it is up to you to choose to quit trying. There is a difference between surrendering and knowing when you have had sufficient. It is okay to move on in every situation you face. It might be struggling with relationships, friendships, work situations, challenges in living conditions.

Here are five reasons why it is okay to move on: 

  1.  You can not Control Everything–  Believe, you will be fine regardless of the outcome. Stop hurting yourself for the things you can not control. Let the universe favor you in unexpected and joyous ways. What if, instead of struggling so hard to make life happen, you are determined to let go a few and let life happen to you? 
  2. Moving on for a positive change. – We spend half of our time thinking about what others will think of us. We make most of the decisions based on what people will think. While moving on, we think everyone will say “Poor thing! so easily gave up”. But the only thing that matters is YOU, your mental health, and your happiness. When you decide to move on, this is a piece of great news, because it implies YOU alone hold the power to improve things or alter the way you think about things. Your growth and development reside in surrendering to change and welcoming it. 
  3. Moving on will Open New opportunities for you. – Nobody grows through life without failing some battles. But it is these failures that make us more effective and ultimately move us towards prospective opportunities. Adopt these possibilities. Try new things and enter into new situations. Always know that you are attempting into unknown territory. It doesn’t matter unless you are ready for a challenge, ready to learn, ready to endure something, or meet someone that might transform your life forever.
  4. Enduring the pain is self-destruction – The past, no matter good or bad gives you strength and wisdom. Do not let it trouble you. Replaying a sensitive memory over and over in your head is a sort of self-destruction. Unpleasant thoughts produce a toxic life. Try to make peace with yourself and your past. When you fix your feelings, you restore the health of your happiness. Let the past go, learn from it and embrace your future opportunities. 
  5. There is a bright side- Constant disappointment makes us believe that there is no bright side, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. You have to see the bright side, even if there is not one. It just depends on your attitude.

Finally, it is okay if you have not achieved all that you wanted to achieve. Moving on is deeply misunderstood as an act of weakness. But looking at these 5 reasons why it’s okay to move on is the strongest and most obvious thing a human ever does.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Your life is more precious than anything else!


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