Hello darling human,

If you’re reading this, it’s a sign that “what you seek is seeking you.”Thank you for visiting my space.

My name is Sumbal Hussain, an educationist, a mental health activist, and an advocate for emotional wellbeing and mindfulness in my everyday life, not merely because I have academic knowledge about it but also majorly because, like all of us, I have had my own struggles with grief, fast pace lifestyle of a hyper achiever and a victim to self-sabotage behavior for quite a long time in my life.

From a very early age I started helping out my mother who owned a small school for girls away from the city life. I took great pride in volunteering with her and in her absence on days when she was ill. I grew up to be a sensitively responsible child, sensing the feelings & needs of others around me and an empath with a strong desire to help people. I have been a teacher for most of my life, specializing in early childhood education and development, it almost occurs naturally to me to help and listen without any judgement. The only constant in my life so far is that it went up and down quiet a lot and this has become my strength, over time.

Having lived in different countries and having to build myself up each time, has been my greatest challenge which I accepted with great joy because all I was counting on, was myself.

This requires us to unlock our true authentic being and start loving our unique selves. Are you ready to be on this journey with me?

I believe we remain being a child in our heart, throughout our life and that’s the beauty of it. How we are as adults is merely a reflection of what happened to us when we were children. As I grew up to know myself better each year and revolutionized my passion of helping other human beings, being a coach was very much my calling. Netherlands, being my 3rd expat life experience, introduced me to ICCI where I am a coach in training, finishing my final year of the program.

I have teamed up with Let’s Break the Shame, to offer coaching sessions.

I strongly feel all answers that we are looking for are within us, one only needs to ask the right question. So, let me hear you out, as life can sometimes be a maze and I would love to walk with you, through it. Let’s start exploring together.