How do you set up goals knowing you can fall back into depression at any time?
How do you know when you’re finally healing? How do you know when you have recovered? Can you still ask for help for the days that feel extra hard? 

These are questions you may be asking yourself as someone who is trying to recover from depression. 


Whenever someone breaks a leg, they get a cast. When that happens everyone can see that the leg is healing. We also know that if someone applies too much pressure on the broken leg. There is a chance it can get worse. Then the time for healing may get longer than they first thought. Even though it’s not visible for the eye to see, this is how it works psychologically too. The tricky part of it is that it’s hard to identify and see the signs if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself as well.


Everyone should know, recovering from depression is not easy. No matter if you’re someone who has experienced depression, is dealing with it right now, or even has no idea how it is to live with depression. Remember, healing is not linear! Healing takes time. Healing is different for everyone.


It’s important to not set too high expectations. At the end of the day, we have two options to choose from. We accept ourselves for who we are and our struggles. Or we work towards the person we want to be and the life we want to live. When recovering, I want you to choose self-acceptance. I want you to be okay with the life you’re living right now. Recovering is hard and you don’t need to have it all figured out. A step-by-step guide is not required for you to recover.

You need to be patient with yourself. Going from barely taking care of yourself to working, exercising, and meeting friends daily can put too much pressure.

If that happens, can you accept that you may need more time to heal than you expected?

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers on how to get through it. I know that in one way or another, you do find your way. It’s okay to feel lost, to not know which steps to take next. It’s okay to fall back. It’s okay to seek out any kind of help during the process. It’s okay to let yourself be happy if you feel it. It’s okay to let yourself be sad.


It may not feel like it, but as you go you learn more about yourself. You learn to identify early warning signs that your depression is coming back. You learn what works best for you in the long run. By going through days that feel heavy, by going through days that make you feel as if you got it all together. Every day is part of the healing process.

You don’t have to set up goals. You don’t have to know when you have recovered. All I can do is assure you, one day you’re going to think back on your life. You are going to reflect on the past, reflect on how you used to feel about life and notice how you have changed. Even though you may take a break, recovery doesn’t. Every day, every hour, every second that passes, you are recovering. You just have to let it happen. Be kind to yourself. Choose to accept yourself.