We're changing society by breaking the mental health stigma


In an ideal world, we wouldn’t exist. But we think it’s pretty clear we’re not living in an ideal world, right? Let’s Break the Shame was founded by Mae Callie in early 2019. After rough years of going through depression and anxiety, among other things, she decided she was tired of being quiet about it. Lots of people don’t understand what she went through, and that’s fine, but the judgments held her back from telling people how she felt. Society calls people who struggle with mental health issues ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho’. That’s really not ok and that’s what we want to change with LBTS. 

She set up an Instagram campaign to give people a platform where they can share their story related to a mental health issue. Soon after sharing a small part of her own story, others followed. It turned out to be a big success and after meeting up with many participants, it became clear that more people wanted to help breaking the stigma.

Soon after the campaign, Press and Mae bundled powers and started organising events. So far, two events with different themes have been organised: depression and anxiety. More events will follow.

Besides the Instagram campaign and organising events, we also want to teach kids and students the importance of mental health. Not only do we help them to talk about it, we also teach them how to respond to people coming up to them with a mental health issue.

We also provide coaching sessions. After all, what’s better than getting help from someone who has actually gone through it? And if you’re a fan of TikTok, you can also find her there 😉

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Focus on You

Joining Let’s Break the Shame, having us at your school or company, scheduling a coaching session or joining our podcast all have one thing in common: they are about you. It’s about improving your mental health and making you feel heard and understood. We know we can’t fix your struggles immediately, but by creating a non-judgmental zone for you, we’ve proven to help over 2000 people. We’re also here to help loved ones dealing with someone else’s mental health issues.

We’re a growing team and are always looking for new volunteers. We’ve all got different strengths, ambitions and goals; we bundle them and together we’re a powerful team. Some of us help out with organising events, others are speakers at events, but that’s just two examples.  We’ve got lots of stuff we need volunteers for. Without them, our activities wouldn’t be possible to execute.

Do you want to help out with events, be a guest at our podcast, write, be a speaker, take photos, help with YouTube videos, or do something completely else? You’re always welcome! Just send us an email.