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Mae and Iris have published multiple books on mental health. While they are usually out there in public speaking about wellbeing in the workplace or at schools, they always find some time to silently write on paper. Every now and then, they publish books. Check them here!

Maar je lacht toch nog?

Een eerlijk verhaal over depressie: van rock bottom tot recovery.

For as long as they can remember, Mae and Iris have been battling severe depression. All their lives, their requests for help have been met with incomprehension. Because everyone feels a little less sometimes, right? They don’t lack anything, do they? And don’t they pretend a bit?

In ‘Maar je lacht toch nog?’ Mae Zaal and Iris de With clear away prejudices and misunderstandings about depression and break through the shame and taboos. They candidly talk about their loneliest moments, coping mechanisms and how they learned to live with this mental illness.

What we wish you knew

The long awaited truth behind mental illnesses. For loved ones, professionals and those who are struggling.

Many misconceptions and judgments are made about mental illness. ‘What we wish you knew’ is based on the authors’ personal experiences with mental health recovery. Sobering yet humorous, the book discusses what Mae and Iris wish they knew at the beginning of their struggle with trauma and disordered eating.

They confess what they wish their loved ones knew before friction was brought to their relationships. The mental health industry is scrutinized as the duo explain what they wish mental health professionals knew while treating them. The seldom talked about darker realities of recovery are examined and practical advice is offered to all involved. By addressing the black box that is mental illness, the authors hope we can come to know ourselves and each other better.

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