Elke 40 seconds the world loses another smile to mental illness.

Your relative, friend, partner, neighbour, or colleague could be one of them. 

Who We Are

We are a Mental Health Foundation based in the Netherlands aimed at breaking down barriers and stigma associated with mental health issues by providing support and increasing awareness in organizations, schools & communities.

We do this through our:

Programs and Workshops

Whether in the workplace or at school, we see a need to increase education and awareness surrounding mental health issues as preventative measures. Through our workshops, tailored programs, and toolkits, we aim to improve corporate and educational culture by promoting healthy work environments that value mental well-being. 

Events and Meet Ups

Online or offline events are a great way for people to hear from others who may share similar experiences. Our motivational speakers come from all walks of life and can offer expertise on various mental health issues. We offer safe spaces, and our volunteers are there to provide support and ensure the experience is positive for everyone involved.

Multimedia Platforms

With the launch of our book “Maar Je Lacht Toch Nog,” podcast, and our growing social media networks, we are striving to offer support to as many people through as many platforms. This way, people can learn about mental health from the comfort of their homes and gain an understanding of themselves through the stories and experiences of others.

Do you want a Tailored Program?

Here is what we can offer:

Public Speaking from Co-Presidents

Our Co-Presidents, Mae and Iris, have a wide range of experience presenting at various organizations, including primary schools, universities, companies, and public events. This is an excellent option if you want a program with a more personal feel while still maintaining professionalism.

Training For Teachers, Managers & CEO's

We offer customizable training for teachers, managers, and CEOs to help position them in recognizing early signs of mental issues. This can result in healthier working environments as people in positions of power are more equipped to offer the appropriate support to their team.

Mental-Health Toolkit

We offer special toolkits for schools and/or companies to help them improve their overall well-being. This includes bracelets, magazines, workbooks and more. The toolkit can enable people to take what they have learned home with them and feel more apart of our LBTS community. 


Offering expertise through experience.

Our organization is a jumping-off point for people seeking further mental health support, resources, and education. By covering the other side of mental health support and connecting with people through shared experiences, we hope to encourage businesses, schools, and individuals that mental health support goes beyond traditional mental health care practices. Let’s Break the Shame offers educational resources, practical help, and community-building experiences so people can understand themselves better. This can promote change on a societal level. Sharing our experiences creates a domino effect in which each person can help the next person in need through vulnerability and insight.

We have worked for, among others:

Hands-on experience is important when it comes to mental health services. We often compare it to building a house; We all know what a house looks like on the outside, but you would only know how to build one if you’ve learnt how to do it yourself.

Did you know that,

there are so many people that have benefited from our activities, found support & guidance and have finally felt that they are not alone.

It works!

We’ve helped over more than 100K people grow into the best version if themselves. And we continue doing that every single day.


We work from our core values.

Personal Experiences

We are united by past mental health experiences, we know and understand what it feels like.

Solidarity & Inclusion

We value each individual and always make them feel heard and included.

Sharing Shame-Free

We invite people to share their experiences without shame and believe in its “domino-reaction”.

Online & in stores now!

Maar je lacht toch nog?

In ‘Maar je lacht toch nog?’, Mae Zaal and Iris de With clear away prejudices and misunderstandings about depression and break through the shame and taboos. They candidly talk about their loneliest moments, coping mechanisms and how they learned to live with this mental illness.


Upcoming Events

You literally told my story in the words i could never find myself. I can’t thank you enough.

- Anonymous

I am scared of the judgment, that comes with being vulnerable as a man.

Support us

Working on a healthier world, together.

With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. Every donation is used to educate, prevent and support. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let’s make that change together.
Are you with us?