People received help.

Over the last 2 years, we have helped more than 100K people struggling with their mental health by our events, coaching sessions, online campaigns, individual talks, podcasts, workshops, and more.

"It's tough for people to come forward with their mental health struggles in this society"

It's not easy to talk about your feelings, and, unfortunately, judgments are everywhere. "You're crazy", "Everyone has bad days", "Just be positive", "But you've got a great life", are just a few of the many things we get to hear when we open up about our well being. This makes us stop opening up to our friends, family, teachers, or bosses. This makes it harder for us to get back up on our feet again. We're trying to create a society where you've got the freedom to open up about your battles, without being judged or discriminated against. You can participate in our Instagram Campaign, attend one of our events, watch us on YouTube or sign up for an individual coaching session. Schools/companies can hire us for guest lectures and workshops.

We save lives, every day.


We organise mental health themed events to make people feel heard, understood and seen. Some of the themes we cover are: Depression, PTSD, Eating Disorders & Men's Health.


We are here to help throughout your recovery journey. We focus on the present and future and explore your past as a means of understanding current life experiences and belief systems.

Online Campaigns

From Real-Life Stories on Instagram to videos on TikTok to Q&A sessions: we help people from all over the world by sharing educational content and creating a safe environment.

Education Programs

We provide tailored programs for schools and universities to educate students on mental health and help those who are struggling by our workshops, lectures, coaching, resources and more.

Organization Programs

We provide tailored programs for organisations/institutions to educate Managers & HR and help employees who are struggling by offering recurring workshops, coaching, guides, and more.


We work together with various companies and people to ensure we can perform our activities. If you want to collaborate with us, send us an email and we will get back to you!

Upcoming Events

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