Education for students
and teachers

The Mental Health Foundation for everyone that provides worldwide programs to enhance mental well-being, connects, supports and represent ‍those who need help.

We help by focusing on:


Whether it’s in the workplace, at schools or in you privat life, there are still a lot of misconceptions around mental illnesses. Through workshops, tailored programs and more, we try to educate as many people as possible on the topic of mental health, daily life struggles or creating healthy work environments.

Motivation and Personal Growth

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the right motivation or positive attitude to move forward. Through our activities we try to motivate people by setting real life examples. You are not alone.

Inspiration and Support

Sometimes all you need is someone who listens and understands you. Everyone who works for Let’s Break the Shame has experience in Mental Health struggles and is therefore able to understand you on a deeper level. Let’s have a chat!

Interesting right?

Then wait till you’ve checked the things we offer!

Mental Health and Inclusivity Workshops

We offer tailored workshops based on the needs of an organisation or school. The aim is to open up the conversation, support, guide and educate all people involved.

Training For Teachers, Lecturers & CEO's

Not only students or employees, but especially teachers, social workers and or directors can use education on mental health from expertise through experience. They play a crucial role in recognise early signs of mental issues and creating a safe work environment.

Mental-Health Toolkit

We offer special toolkits for schools and/or companies to help them improve their overall well-being. This includes bracelets, magazines, workbooks and more.


We are fully aware there is no “one size fits all” approach, so we offer various packages with a starting price. After we have discussed your needs and wishes, we will develop a proposal and finalize the pricing.


1-3 hours
500 starting price
  • Tailored mental wellbeing & inclusivity workshops
  • Tackle on trend topics in your school (e.g., depression)
  • Listen & talk to our experts by experiences, who can relate to the audience
  • Receive goodie bags for every student (incl. notebook, workbook & pen)

Full Program

Half a year to a year
1000 starting price
  • Tailored program consisting of workshops for students, training for teachers, walk-in days & a toolkit for students and teachers
  • Min. of 1 month aftercare once the program is finished, incl. a follow-up with the coordinator
  • Alternations during the program are possible, e.g., when students are facing new/different problems
  • Workbooks, pens, totebags and notebooks

Mental Health Toolkit

Receive physically or online
250 starting price
  • Information about mental wellbeing, its impacts & misconceptions, and where to seek professional help
  • Exercises, tips & tricks to improve one's own mental wellbeing & resilience
  • Personal written stories from our expets by experience, to show students they are not alone
  • A tailored toolkit is possible upon request

Support us

Working on a healthier world, together.

With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. Every donation is used to educate, prevent and support. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let’s make that change together.
Are you with us?