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We create a safe space for people that want to share their personal stories on mental health

With your partnership we can support an always growing amount of individuals. We provide them with tools, offer guidance, education and set them shame-free.

With your partnership we can support an always growing amount of individuals. We provide them with tools, offer guidance, education and set them shame-free.

Our Solutions

The way we contribute to the problems we face in modern day society regarding inclusion, mental wellbeing or safety are…

Inclusion and Sustainability Programs

We offer tailor made and analysed programs for companies that include workshops and training and focus on topics such as inclusion, sustainability, progress, mental-wellbeing and more.

Education, Public Speaking and Workshops

The tailored workshops, trainings and workshops for schools and universities are made to guide, help, support and educate students, teachers and lecturers on the topic of Mental Health.

Mental guidance and support

By organizing Mental Health Events, launching Campaigns focussing on several areas and give people space to talk to us at any time, we guide, support and help all people reaching out. We focus on giving people a voice, connecting, supporting and making others feel heard and understood.

But Wait!

How can you become a part of this change, right? You find it here!

Events Partner

Location, Beverages, Food and other supplies.

Educational Partner

facilitate trainings, organise workshops and desk lectures.

Financial Partner

Support our structure financially.

Connecting Stories

Collecting Stories about mental health.

We've helped over
100K people grow into the
best version of themselves.

And we continue doing that every single day.

Sustainability is key.

At Let’s Break The Shame we do believe in the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We strongly support the benefits thatcome from a synergy between business and charities like LBTS.

By combining efforts and resources we can scale our scope and amplify our impact.

We are always looking for partners that want to engage and support activities related to mental health struggles. We believe that a strong long-lasting partnership is possible when we both have motivation to contribute to a bigger cause. This is why we are proud of contributing with each activity at LBTS to the 3rd goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), known as “good health and well-being”.

“It was a pleasure...”

“It was a pleasure to work in cooperation with LBTS. During the Topconference ‘Nederland Maakt Impact’ (The Netherlands makes impact) of 2021, they provided a workshop, in which they paid much attention to the interaction with the workshop’s participants and their questions surrounding the topic of (mental) health. During their provided workshop, the representatives clearly showed their professionality in raising awareness for health and mental issues. We would recommend Let’s break the shame to any party regardless of the field, as the message of the organization is clear and necessary to be heard.”

Support Us

Working on a healthier world, together.

With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. Every donation is used to educate, prevent and support. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let’s make that change together.
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