an Volunteer

Would you like to play a role in helping others on their mental health journey and normalise the subject of mental illnesses? Become one of our volunteers! ‍With the help and dedication of our volunteers we have been able to help over 100K people so far. ‍As a volunteer you get to be part of our community, join conversation starters and team events.

I’ve been volunteering at LBTS for nearly a year now and the experience with the whole charity and team has been great. Everyone is supportive and caring, making you feel accepted and that your ideas really matter.

- Ilaria

By making some problems open to discussion, LBTS helps society to deal better with mental care. Volunteering forLet’s break the shame is very satisfying, because I not only work on my own health, but also that of others.

- Daria

Become a Volunteer

With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let’s make that change together.Are you with us?